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About a year ago, I moved to LA. I had big plans for my living room. I started off pretty well, in September 2008 I painted my living room, and then the next project was to reupholster the sofa.
Weellll… that took a little bit longer, but finally, I am proud to say, the sofa is reupholstered!

This is what it looked like (this is the original fabric that my grandparents bought in the mid/late 60′s) I actually liked the pattern but it did not feel good against the skin and it was falling apart…

And now, this is my new/old sofa:

The fabric is a green gold chenille, but it ended up looking more goldy than green – which is great. My plan is that one day we’ll have a bigger home and this sectional might split up into two love seats and goldy is a little more versatile than green.
The biggest problem I have now is that all my other furniture looks so shabby compared to the sofa. We have some antique silk I’ve been saving for a little slipper chair that is in desperate need of reupholstering, but with a baby on the way I am rethinking using the silk as upholstery on a chair that gets regular use. I also have some gorgeous Fortuny that I have been wanting to turn into a simple head board…but more on that later. And of course, I have an Eames chair that needs new leather, and my dining room chairs need new fabric and cushion….

Ah well, as they say, one piece at a time.

In the meantime i am shopping for throw pillows (and adding new ones to Burke Decor at the same time, convenient right?) More on those soon…

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