oh, hello 2012! I barely noticed you were here…

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Today, January 24, 2012 I am finally sitting down to write a Happy New Year Post. What’s that you say? New Years was over 3 weeks ago? Well, yes, this is true and I am afraid this does not bode well for my New Years resolution, which is is simply “DO IT NOW”

full disclosure: I stole this from a friends pin board - i like it much better than the over used Keep Calm poster.


But, alas, It’s been a busy year so far and I’ve been knee deep in some new design projects. One of which is a new outdoor space for some clients who have a myriad of different tastes that need to be blended in to a space they can all share.  I actually this they have chosen a perfect time to focus on their outdoor space. I know in most of the country it is freezing cold outside and the last thing that people are thinking out is the ideal spring/ summer outdoor space; BUT, there are always lead times and waits for things  – especially in the beginning of summer when everyone is thinking about creating their perfect outdoor living area – and starting now means that once the weather warms up you will be ready to go!

These are a few of my favorite inspiration images  so far:

exterior tropical patio
I love this shade structure, we are thinking about using a very similar design – especially because I just finished another project for this client (I can’t really talk about it – yet – but stay tuned. it was SO SO FUN and turned out SO well) where we incorporated bamboo. They have similar exposed beams in both the main and guest houses so I really want to continue to use that architectural language in the outdoor living space.
Lori Gilder of Interior Makeovers Inc. tropical living room
this one is a little more tiki  than i’d like to go (mostly because of the rush) but the palette and layout are fabulous.
whereas the image above this one is perfect for one of my clients – this is perfect for another. I’m trying to fuse the two into something that makes everyone happy.
via : http://www.jetsongreen.com/2011/06/sunset-cargotecture-idea-house-hybrid.html
this last one is a fabulous idea. I might do something similar except instead of the inset succulant garden I might custom build a table with a Brasa XL Burner Insert installed – talk about a dramatic dinner!
That’s just little taste of what I’ve been looking at this winter.
Can’t complain.
So much more to share shortly – Been working on a sleek, masculine, luxe bedroom that I’ll post pictures of when it is done ( probably about 2 months away) and a super fun, modern dining area that we are just accessorizing.
(sneak peek we used this rug: The Ocean from Second Studio in the dining area – i love love love it!)

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