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I couldn’t help myself. I just finished installing the gallery wall in a client’s bed room. I love it. I’m still not done with the room, there was an issue with the new bed… (sigh). So, I haven’t properly photographed the room yet but I snapped a few quick pics after I finished hanging the wall so I thought I’d share.

The client is a professional golfer so I made 31 prints from satellite images of some of the best golf courses from around the world. It was a lot of work but it was also really interesting. Spending a lot of time looking at satellite images of the earth is really awe inspiring. We live in a really beautiful place.

See the snow drift-like bowron rug peeking out of the bottom corner? (oh and – please ignore the lamp behind the chair – it’s being replaced shortly)

Oh, and this is the dining area – which is done but hasn’t been photographed yet -but since we are sneak peeking:

You can see a bit of the Frank Ebert painting on the wall, the custom banquette and a couple of pillows from Burkedecor Geo/Metric 18″ Pillow in Maize – Thomas Paul Rhino 18″ Pillow in Charcoal – Thomas Paul, and Zig Zag Needlepoint Pillow in Blue – Trina Turk


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