A visit to Organic Hammer.

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Got to spend some time with our friends from Organic Hammer this last weekend. Organic Hammer is an awesome sustainlble landscape design firm located in Encinitas CA. A totally inspiring visit with the Amy and Steve, their kids (pretty much the two cutest little girls on planet earth)  and a sneak peek at Amy’s new permaculture farm in Leucadia. She just got access to the land and is in the very beginning stages of a HUGE permaculture project. “Organic Hammer is starting a new project: a permaculture farm on a ½ acre site in Encinitas that will supply organic produce to local restaurants, serve as a permaculture showcase, and small permaculture plant nursery.”

It is really amazing and an inspiring place to visit. We are considering getting some backyard chickens so it is great to see how a suburban family is really making a sustainable landscape work.  You can also check out Amy’s blog with tons of tips and info on creating a sustainable life for yourself at

And the perfect place to let little ones run wild.

They’ve got one handsome rooster:

And some adorable hens:

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