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I finally get to talk about it! The first episode I designed for the HGTV show Room Crashers aired the other day and now I can share pictures and all the fun details. I actually just finished another episode for them – but we’ll talk about that one after it airs…

First  – the before:








The clients were two Yoga instructors who had a great big beautiful room that had great potential but they had not really figured out a way to create the warm, inviting sanctuary that they needed. In addition to being their bedroom, they also had their office space and yoga practice space in the same room, so we needed to do some space planning.  They also had a master bathroom that DID NOT HAVE A DOOR!! Can you believe that? Sometimes I just don’t understand new construction. They both wanted a space that was warm and inviting and were very inspired by Southeast Asian design, and Kia had always dreamed of having a four poster bed – so that was number one on my list.

I went for a mix of British Colonial and Asian aesthetics  to create a space that was both sophisticated, worldly and a teeny bit tropical. After searching for some inspiration images for unique four-poster beds, I randomly pulled this image from Houzz – which happened to be designed by my friend and former colleague – Dara Rosenfeld. We worked together for more than 7 years at a firm in San Francisco. She has her own firm now and continues to be utterly brilliant.

Emulating this bed was way too ambitious for our budget and time line, but I was VERY inspired by the ceiling. That was something I thought we could pull off! Especially because I knew about this great bamboo wallpaper ! I was so excited to show up on set and see it going up on the ceiling on day two of our shoot. I had never put bamboo wallpaper on a ceiling before so i was a little nervous – the second I saw one strip on the wall I was thrilled. This shot is in progress:

and completed:


The next challenge was creating some distance and separation from their bathroom. I went for a two fold solution.

1. Installing a pocket door at the entrance to the bathroom.

2. Magic.

Ok not magic, per se, but a sliding book case that hides the more private areas of the Master Bedroom Suite, the closet and the bathroom. This may or may not have been a secret childhood fantasy that I inserted into this design just to see if I could get them to do it. But I learned an important lesson. When another client learned about it, they asked “when do I get a secret passageway hidden with a bookcase?”  The lesson? Act out more childhood fantasies.


Last but not least, the copper wall. Now intially my plan to to make the alter wall clad in woven copper – like this:

but due to some production *things*(not really issues, or problems… just, you know, things. Designing for TV in 3 days is different than real life. Did you know that? I sure leaned it real quick )

we weren’t able to do the weaving. But we did still do the copper – and it turned out!

Some more details:

the rug is the Silvana Rug that I have been obsessed with forever. It is a wool and silk blend and it is beautiful.

and, my friends, that is a 10′ x 13 rug you see. It is ONE BIG RUG!

A little detail where you can almost see how pretty the silk details are. Almost. In person they are about 10x prettier.

Also  really love the elm wood desk  (I love need a big desk) and an Oak Chair with a rush seat.

I also found some BEAUTIFUL antique pieces from Mix here in LA.

this is my favorite antique piece  – I used it for Tommy’s bedside table:


You can’t really see this piece in the show or in the pictures – but the dresser I used as a bedside table for Kia it has an amazing patina and paiting.


This was my initial design:

You can checkout my pinboard for this project here




  1. roz

    Wow Elise, a copper wall and a sliding bookcase!! You are brilliant and have designed quite an oasis. Love that Silvana Wool Area Rug and bamboo ceiling. I will be looking for this show on HGTV. A busy lady you must be. XXxo r o z

  2. shira

    awesome. dara would be proud! beautiful mix of zen and elegance and comfort – love it.

  3. Alicia

    Hi, Can you PRETTY PLEASE tell me what the name of the plants are they were hung on the wall by the bed. I really want to recreate this but can’t figure out what they are! Also how do you water them???

  4. elise

    They are called Stag Horn Ferns – you can water them by taking the off the wall and pouring water on the root balls and letting the dry over night ( that;’s what i do with mine) or if you live in a humid environment a spray bottle should be enough!

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