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I love wall plants. You can say they are a little too “done”. But I don’t care. I love them, always have, always will. The picture above is of my newest staghorn fern and i think it is AWESOME,

I used them as a project in my first HGTV Room Crashers episode. I had to compromise a little due to time and budget – I wanted to do a “trophy wall” of staghorn ferns but had to settle for two large panels:

Julianne Moore’s garden was featured in Architectural Digest and had exactly the look I was dreaming about:

via Architectural Digest


via Architectural Digest


Stag Horn Fern’s aren’t the only option for wall mounting plants. We have quite a few wall mounted plants around our place – here are some highlights:

There is of course  the classic Woolly Pocket:

I just trimmed a bunch of our plants back and am going to add a few more pockets, but I think I am going to paint the walls  first.

This is a White Fan Orchid Cactus – not technically wall mounted – I just stuffed the potted plant into the top of a brutalist style metal candle holder I got for 50 cents at a yard sale

(and ya, I’m bragging about my super cool score)

We’ve also hung air plants on our wall – just a little bit of copper wire and a tiny nail is all it took….


This one I have had FOR EVER. I got the planted ( if that is what it is) at Goodwill when I was in college and this sweet little plant (that I can’t remember the name of) has hung in there with me for last 13 years. Trooper.

And my very first staghorn  – and my bubble clock – which I think helps my terrible school room ceilings from the 1970′s not feel so terrible.

If you love plants as much as we do you can follow our living life lushly board on pinterest – it’s one of my favorites .



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